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High Quality Dedicated Regeneration Process


All of our facilities incorporate the best regeneration process in the industry refined with over 60 years of combined experience. Each and every partners resin is completely dedicated, never coming into contact with a different media. Our process uses a higher the required chemical charge to increase capacity. Final Reverse Osmosis rinse, quality testing and clean air purge are just some of the steps taken to make sure our partners media is completely clean and ready for service (minimal rinse down required).

Regeneration Services


MIXED BED DEIONIZERS enhanced removal of silica and CO2 , as well as provide higher quality, and a more neutral pH than separate bed systems. Our units produce up to 18 megaohm-cm resistivity (0.59 μS) at 25°C.


CATION DEIONIZERS have a high capacity to remove positively charged dissolved ionic contaminants such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese (used in conjunction with an anion deionizer they can produce a quality in excess of 400,000 ohm/cm. ( 0.9 ppm TDS as CaCO3).


ANION BED DEIONIZERS have a high capacity to remove negatively charged dissolved ionic contaminants such as carbonate, bicarbonates, sulfates, chlorides, nitrates and silica (used in conjunction with a cation deionizer they can produce a quality in excess of 400,000 ohm/cm. ( 0.9ppm TDS as CaCO3)


ACTIVATED CARBON UNITS remove both chlorine and dissolved organic contaminants. By using virgin carbons, Regeneration Services carbon units ensure maximum water quality and an extended service life of the carbon bed. All units are backwashed and rinsed with Reverse Osmosis / UV Sterilized water to eliminate a potential source of bacteria.

Re-Bedding Services


Removal and disposal of old media along with new media sizing, supply and loading, media conditioning and commissioning. 


Ion exchange equipment - softeners, dealkalizers, demineralizers and filters - carbon, multi-media, of all sizes and configurations.

High Purity Water


  • UV Sterilized Reverse Osmosis (10 μS) high purity water.


  • Deionized (0.60 μS) ultra high purity water.


  • Available in large volumes.

  • Learn more about our facilities here

Regeneration Services

423 Enfield Rd. Burlington ON  L7T 2X5           Phone: (905) 483-2283 


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