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Regeneration Facilities

Our Burlington Facility has been in operation since 2009 supporting the GTA and Western Canada. We offer complete Regeneration Services, media sales, re-bedding and consultation services. Our process is completely safe and environmentally friendly with water saving technology.

Our unique design incorporates a dedicated media process, each customer receives 100% of their own media back after processing. We never mix our customers resin together. Our larger then normal chemical charge and Reverse Osmosis water final rinse ensures the best regeneration, foul-ant reduction, maximum capacity and the purest final product quality.

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Offsite Regeneration Services

Onsite System Services

Rebedding Services

Regeneration Services

  • Regeneration of ion exchange resins

  • Quick turnaround

  • Dedicated process

  • Media Sales

  • Lab Analysis

  • Emergency Service

  • Tank rentals available

  • Standard Ion Exchange media

  • Mixed bed media

  • Separate bed media

  • Specialty media

  • Carbon High Purity Water

Media and Water

Ion Exchange Equipment and Filters:

  • Softeners

  • Demineralizers

  • Dealkalizers

  • Carbon

  • Mulit-Media

Re-Bedding Services

905 483 2283

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