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Regeneration Facilities

Regeneration Services has a combined 60 years experience designing and operating ion exchange regeneration facilities. Our unique design incorporates a dedicated media process, each customer receives 100% of their own media back after processing. We never mix our customers resin together. Our larger then normal chemical charge and Reverse Osmosis water final rinse ensures the best regeneration, foul-ant reduction, maximum capacity and the purest final product quality.

Toronto Ontario Canada 


Our Burlington Facility has been in operation since 2009 supporting the GTA and Western Canada. We offer complete Regeneration Services, media sales, re-bedding and consultation services. Our process is completely safe and environmentally friendly with water saving technology.

Regeneration Services

423 Enfield Rd.

Burlington Ontario

L7T 2X5


Montreal Quebec Canada


Proudly commissioned in 2013 our latest facility is a state of the art high quality clean room design. Incorporating the latest regeneration technologies and safety features.


Candiac Facility services Montreal and Eastern Canada.



255 Montcalm North

Candiac QC

J5R 3L6


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